Solve computer issues by gun

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Solve computer issues by gun! Solve computer issues by gun

Computers often get to wind up their users. And it often goes on for a while until an IT pro gets involved to solve the computer issues!
However, one Colorado Springs man had a different take on the term Solving Computer Issues.

Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs over in the US, had had enough of his faltering Dell XPS 410. So much so that he shot the computer 8 times!
The machine had been “blue screening” on Hinch regularly and according to him it had been a very frustrating experience. He then reached for his 9 mm pistol and emptied the whole magazine into the poor computer. This clearly didn’t repair the computer but it did give him satisfaction that the source of his frustration is now dead!
Although he will probably escape a prison sentence, he will highly likely be fined for this experience by the local courts. we wonder if he’ll buy a new computer?

If your computer system is driving you mad, don’t reach for that gun! Call Kliker IT and we’ll take care of your computer issues. To read more about this story check out the LA Times article.

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