IT support for creative industries

IT Support for Creative Industries

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The Explosion of the Creative Industries

Britain has become somewhat of a hot spot in the world of the Creative & Entertainment Industries. Talent from all over the world comes here to help create some of the best in world Music, Video, Computer and Console Games and Film. They are all talented and capable individuals in their own art and always work hard to get the best potential out of their skills. And more than ever, they depend on modern technology to achieve this. The Studios and Companies employing this talent know they have to provide the best possible environment in order for them to succeed and produce a great work.

Technological Challenges

Technology is an integral part of the modern creative business today. The more creative staff depend on technology, the greater are the challenges.
HD and 4K visual revolution, increase in Data Storage requirements, increase in Processing Power and advanced Development Hardware, increased Internet Bandwidth requirements, Development Tools, Software & licensing, varying team sizes and disciplines, working in disparate locations and Communication are all challenges that any of the Games, Music, Film or Entertainment studio may encounter and have to deal with on an almost daily basis.

How is kliker IT helping creative companies?

Our clients are game development studios, design studios, software developers, film studios, and marketing agencies.
What they all have in common is the requirement to have a smooth running IT Environment that is not going to get in the way of creativity. Ths means regular IT maintenance has to be strictly done at the convenience of the teams.
Absolutely critial is that all of the technology solutions completely fulfill their requirements and enable them to deliver projects on time. Most of them need everyday support with various software and hardware issues. Most of them use development tools that require regular maintenance and support when things break or there are bugs in the system.

At kliker IT, we have over a decade of experience in providing IT Support for Creative & Entertainment Industries. During this time, we’ve helped our users reach their creative potential by running their IT as smoothly as possible, helping with various software tools they use every day, source control systems, bug tracking systems, production management and scheduling tools and lot more.

Some of our expertise includes:

  • Custom built development workstations
  • Licensing and support of art packages by Adobe, Autodesk and others
  • Source control systems like Perforce, GIT and Subversion
  • Bug tracking tools like Hansoft, Bugzilla, Jira, Mantis…
  • Collaboration tools: Confluence and TikiWiki
  • Various flavours of Linux and BSD OSss including open source software
  • Mac OSX support
  • Backup and recovery strategies for creative teams

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  • The managed services from kliker IT allowed the business to concentrate on our project, become more efficient while all of the IT support maintenance is taken care of.

    Dylan, Project manager, ECG

  • kliker IT signed us up and migrated over to Office 365. We have not had a single email issue since.

    Liz, Accountant, Admiral

  • The IT support services from kliker IT keeps the business ticking allowing us to concentrate our time and efforts on customers instead of on IT issues.

    Paul, Director, Adsign Advertising