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Our Belief

At kliker IT, we believe EVERYONE should have access to a computer, the Internet and other technological benefits of the modern age. Like access to drinking water and electricity, access to a computer and the internet should be a basic human right. Our fundamental principle of “People First” is our main driver to help out those less fortunate and those who are trying to help them – Charity organisations.

Carried by our belief, we are always open to help out Charity organisations. We donate financially whenever we can. More than that however, we are always happy to donate our time, services and spare equipment to organisations that dedicate themselves to helping out children and people in need of helping hand. There is no better feeling than knowing your hard work and effort helped someone improve their life.

kliker IT for charity Programme

Our IT for Charity programme is focused on helping Charity Organisations – especially those helping disadvantaged children around the world. Children are the future and by helping them we are making a pledge to eradicate poverty and inequality in the world.

How can we help Charity Organisations?

All of our commercial services are available to Charity organisations free of charge! If we are able to donate materially with computers and equipment, we will do that as well.
In particular, we are happy to donate our time by working on projects, rolling out services and training workshops for those who need it. Further to this, as a Microsoft Partner, we offer Office 365 for Nonprofit Organisation plans that have either zero or very minimal cost!

List of services in our IT for Charity programme

  • Free consultancy regarding all IT issues Charity organisations might have
  • Free training and workshops for computer users
  • Free computer repair and support
  • Free used and refurbished computer equipment when available
  • Free Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit* and installation and support service
  • Charity organisations – get in touch

    We are happy to hear from any Charity Organisation needing help. Knowing that we can help organisations who are working for the wellbeing of children and people who really need help, makes us better people and give us a heart warming feeling that money cannot buy!
    As we are open and friendly, we invite all charity organisations to contact us. We are happy to meet, listen and give our best to help out. Please phone us on 08455 442033, or email us on

    *Eligibility has to be confirmed by Microsoft