Email Problems

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Email Problems Don't go crazy over emails

Can you imagine your business running properly without email?

You get Send/Receive Errors all the time?

Your email account is not syncing on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone?

You are receiving a lot of spam messages and you are not sure if your account is secure?

Yes, we’ve probably all been there. It is a nightmare nobody have nerves and time for. And yes we also have to admit that our business is dependent on email collaboration. Is there a solution that will minimize the problems with your email account? At kliker IT we believe that Office 365 is offering one of the best solutions. No matter which option you choose you will get the most practical solution for your email account. So let’s look at some of the features and how they will improve your email account everyday working?
  • 50GB mailbox – Witch means you and your team will have 50GB to store emails without doing backup or archive Exchange online protection – Protection for your account and no more SPAM emails.
  • Shared calendars – The easiest possible way to arrange meeting or appointments.
  • MS Outlook integration – the easiest way to integrate with MS Outlook so you will have improved quality experience with your email account.
  • More than one email address – Possibility to create different email addresses on one single account. As many you like.
  • Check your email on any device, from anywhere, on your tablet or mobile phone, laptop or desktop – all perfectly in sync. Every time!. All you need is decent internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you are Windows, iOS or Android user. At kliker IT we have tested them all. It works!

More than 400 million users around the world are using this platform. Give it a try. First month is free and it will solve your email problems and make it easier for your business. Call kliker IT. We will help you with migration, setup and give you a full support.

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