Cloud Services

To Cloud or not to Cloud? Cloud Services by kliker IT

What is a Cloud Service?

  • Cloud services or simply the “cloud” has been a buzz word for a little while now but what does it mean?

-It simply means the IT services you use hosted elsewhere – not in your office. This may include Email, your telephone service, your data or file shares and in some cases even a complete desktop.

What are the benefits of the “cloud”?

  • Are there any benefits to all this buzz, can it help our company?

-Cloud services can help companies in many ways. At Kliker IT, we believe the biggest benefit is that the cloud services are really levelling the playing field when it comes to technology. The services that were available to large corporations only a few years ago are now available to businesses of any size thanks to the “cloud” – plus they are easily affordable.

Cloud Benefits

  • Lower IT costs
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Increased Business Flexibility – expand or contract almost instantly
  • Better financial planning – transform Capital expenditure into Operating
  • Improved user mobility – use the services from anywhere – you just need an Internet line
  • Hassle-free IT support – Kliker IT will manage this for you

How can Kliker IT help your business?

From Hosted email to Virtual Telephone Systems, some of our clients are already seeing the difference cloud services make.

  • The time to provision new staff has gone from a few days to a few minutes.
  • Need secure storage for you data? You don’t have to spend thousands on a new server or storage device
  • Having a telephone system with a number of extensions or cool features? Sure, it takes no time to deliver. You just pay a small monthly fee with inclusive calls!

kliker IT Cloud Services

  • Hosted or Cloud email service
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Virtual or Cloud Servers and Storage
  • Virtual Telephone Systems

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  • The managed services from kliker IT allowed the business to concentrate on our project, become more efficient while all of the IT support maintenance is taken care of.

    Dylan, Project manager, ECG

  • kliker IT signed us up and migrated over to Office 365. We have not had a single email issue since.

    Liz, Accountant, Admiral

  • The IT support services from kliker IT keeps the business ticking allowing us to concentrate our time and efforts on customers instead of on IT issues.

    Paul, Director, Adsign Advertising