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Business Internet Connections Business Internet Connection

Does your business suffer from slow internet connection?

  • Do your employees complain of “Slow Internet”? Do they find at times that access to come internet resources really slow?

-Business Internet connection nowadays is crucial if your organisation depends on reliable email service, Cloud services or access to Internet resources. Email connectivity or the ability to quickly send large attachments email or receive the same is very important. Some businesses rely on their Internet connection to upload data, perhaps to a client or partner organisations. A business may be planning on using Cloud Services but their internet connection may be the bottleneck.

What to do if the internet appears slow?

First of all you need to establish if it is really the internet line that is the issue. It is not uncommon for users to complain their internet line is slow only for us to find out the Internet Connection is fine, it is the email service or the website they were trying to reach that was the culprit. Sometime it is a member iof staff that is causing the issue by downloading large amounts of data, watching YouTube videos or perhaps streaming music or video.

If you are unsure on how to go about troubleshooting these issues contact a professional that is able to help.

OK, so it is the Internet Connection, what do we do?

We often find some businesses using home grade Internet line instead of a Business Internet Connection. While this may be suitable for some businesses, it is important to note that these connections share the bandwidth (amount of data available per second) with other users on the network. While the service supplier may be advertising the connection as 20Mbit, you are likely to get less than this as the bandwidth available at the exchange is shared with other users connected to it. If there are heavy users connected then you will be getting only a share of the advertised speed.

In cases like the above, you should be looking at Business Internet Connection. There are a number of options available, depending on the requirements of the business and the technologies available at the local exchange.

How can kliker IT help with out Internet connection

For out Business Internet Connection offer, we are partnered with Entanet, an award winning Wholesale Internet/IP Telephony supplier with a core network stretching from Glasgow, Edinburgh through London, all the way to Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Our line of Business Internet Connection services includes a range of metered or un-metered ADSL or Fibre broadband services as well as Leased Line connections of up to 10Gbps.

Business Internet Connection Services

  • Up to 8Mbps metered or un-metered ADSL Services
  • Up to 24Mbps metered or un-metered ADSL2+ Services
  • Up to 80Mbps metered or un-metered Fibre to the cabinet services
  • Up to 330Mbps Fibre to the premises services
  • Up to 10Gbps Leased Lines

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