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I am Roberto Katalinic, self confessed IT overlord and a sponge for everything IT. I have spent more of the last 20 years in front of a computer than in bed! Learning things is more fun than sleeping :) In my professional career, I progressed from a junior IT support engineers to IT Manager in a few years. Though my job responsibilities changed as my career progressed, my thirst for knowledge of all things IT never died and I continued to learn and amass knowledge. My interest span from Operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, BSD, Amiga OS), Web development (mainly Wordpress), Source control systems, systems security and firewall and a lot more.

Email Problems

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Email Problems Don't go crazy over emails

Can you imagine your business running properly without email?

You get Send/Receive Errors all the time?

Your email account is not syncing on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone?

You are receiving a lot of spam messages and you are not sure if your account is secure?

Solve computer issues by gun

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Solve computer issues by gun! Solve computer issues by gun

Computers often get to wind up their users. And it often goes on for a while until an IT pro gets involved to solve the computer issues!
However, one Colorado Springs man had a different take on the term Solving Computer Issues.